Investment Business Solutions

Issuer Solutions

Streamline your investor relations. Whether you’re the CEO of a public company or an IR professional, you can always use quality service and support from a trusted name.

  • Press Distribution Mgmt
  • IRM Technology & Hosting
  • Multimedia Profiling
  • Market Monitoring
  • Exposure Advertising
  • Institutional Targeting
  • Consulting & Connections
  • Independent Research
  • More Info for Issuers

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Streamline Your Investor Relations Process. Whether you are the CEO of a publicly-traded company or an Investor Relations professional, you can always use quality service and support from a trusted name. The competition for investor attention is reaching new heights and the difficulties are that much more magnified when you’re dealing with small-caps. Leverage the trusted Knobias small-cap brand. Find out how Knobias and our partners can assist your company or IR firm in managing its investor relation responsibilities.

Press Distribution Management

  • Knobias resells the world’s leading newswires. Get national coverage and take advantage of our bulk buyer discounting, personalized service and direct distribution to Knobias customers.

IRM Technology & Hosting

  • How well do you handle “Investor Relations Management” (IRM) and SOX documentation compliance? Knobias and B2i Technologies provide complete software, hosting and support.

Multimedia Corporate Profiling

  • Let Knobias help you produce, host and distribute powerful multimedia presentations. Update profile data, create informative A/V presentations and post multi-format collateral.

Market Monitoring

  • Every Issuer Services client will gain access to the powerful Knobias product suite. Track what’s being said about your stock, while monitoring sector peers and competitors.

Corporate Exposure Advertising

  • Drive investor prospects to your website or multimedia collateral. Knobias provides a variety of advertising options to directly target thousands of professional small-cap investors.

Institutional Targeting

  • Targeting the best private placement financing sources and “open-market” institutions interested in your space? Use our pipe|TRAC and other institutional search engines.

Consulting & Connections

  • If we can’t help, one of our partners can. From research to graphics, coaching to financing, Knobias can assist you in finding the most cost-effective solution to every corporate problem.

Independent Research

  • 67% of all U.S. issuers have NO “analyst coverage”. Overwhelmingly, these companies are small-caps. Let Knobias and its partner network provide legitimate research coverage.

Publisher Solutions

Target and expand your audience. You publish some of the best stock market content in the world. You have a following but would like to selectively expand distribution.

  • Content Targeting
  • Simple To Implement
  • Market & Sector Research
  • Broker-Sponsored Research
  • Independent Research
  • Issuer-Sponsored Research
  • Stock Newsletters
  • Stock Promotion Campaigns
  • More Info for Publishers

Target and Expand Your Audience. Your firm publishes some of the best stock market content in the world. You have a following but would like to selectively expand distribution. Knobias is also carefully seeking relevant content to boost our customer experience. Over the years, our reputation has allowed Knobias to build a special Network of viewers, including discriminating retail investors, professional sell-side traders and some of the smartest buy-side managers in the business. If you feel your content would add value.

Targeting … It Only Takes ONE

  • Knobias distributes to a diverse stock market audience through powerful technology and segmenting. This means your content will reach the perfect viewership looking for your content.

How Does It Work? Simple

  • First, talk to our reps to get a publisher account. Second, log-in and upload documents daily. Finally, track your document distribution. Custom distribution technology is available.

Market & Sector Research

  • Augment your current research and commentary following. The Knobias Network has an audience for every marketplace and every sector. Use the Network … Reach more readers.

Broker-Sponsored Stock Research

  • Knobias accepts institutional research from most of Wall Street’s top firms. Your customers come first and we have programs that protect your interest while expanding your reach.

Independent Research

  • You have some of the best ideas in the business. Next question, how to you monetize your research? Talk to Knobias about increasing distribution and revenue-sharing possibilities.

Issuer-Sponsored Research

  • You’ve been hired for due diligence, but your research is only has good as your distribution. Add an arrow to your quiver, form a partnership with Knobias today.

Stock Newsletters

  • You have “your guys”, now reach “our guys”. Many of our viewers are looking for content just like yours. Plug in your newsletter and let our technology find a new set of eyeballs.

Stock Promotion Campaigns

  • Forget the spam, anonymous email lists, and bounce-backs. Our technology ensures that your message will only reach those traders watching your stocks … and that’s what counts.

Advertising Solutions

Target a concentrated, niche audience. Stop wasting money advertising to the “masses”. If you need to get in front of highly sophisticated small-cap market participants, look no further.

  • Concentrated Audience
  • Sophisticated Demographic
  • Small-Cap Market Leaders
  • Sell-Side Professionals
  • Buy-Side Managers
  • PIPE Investors
  • Active Retail Investors
  • Idea Seekers & Adopters
  • More Info for Advertisers

Target Our Highly Concentrated, Niche Audience. Knobias proudly serves thousands of sophisticated investors that span the investment spectrum. Our users include stockbrokers, sell-side traders, market makers, mutual fund managers, portfolio managers, hedge fund principals and active retail investors. Small-Cap niche: Our well-known concentration on stocks under $1 billion in market capitalization means a concentration of users that represent the driving force behind small-cap investing – issuers, vendors, bankers, investors – Knobias can help you reach the entire spectrum of small-cap decision-makers.

  • Advertising options include:
  • Knobias Plus+ Platform: Market directly to Knobias users via our signature market-data platform.
  • PipeTRAC: Reach participants in the fast-growing PIPES industry via our comprehensive database solution for PIPE participants. Ideal for those engaged in small-cap investment banking, legal, accounting, investment relations, or anyone even remotely involved in this novel area of corporate finance.
  • IRIS – Investor Relations and Issuer Services. IRIS is our web portal designed specifically to feature compelling small-cap companies, information and data to investors worldwide. Ideal for investor relations firms & vendors engaged in the small-cap space, such as legal, proxy, accounting, and IR.


  • Website banners running on
  • Electronic Publishing:
  • Pipe|LINE – Target all manner of PIPE market participants via this free weekly email.
  • Clip Report – A free daily 10-page report summarizing the day’s small-cap action. Ideal for reaching issuers, market participants, and vendors.