Stock Research, Real-Time News Monitoring Products Overview

Knobias PLUS

Knobias “in a box”. Anchored by the famous RAiDAR news product, Knobias PLUS binds our complete product suite into one powerful application. Blend Knobias PLUS with your other desktop apps for total market intelligence. 

Knobias RAiDAR

Streaming Real-time News. Knobias RAiDAR utilizes cutting-edge technology to monitor the world’s top news sources in real-time. Watch your stock names, filter your content, and profit from targeted, real-time news and analysis. 

Morning PLUS

Custom Tailored Daily Email. Knobias Morning PLUS makes portfolio event tracking easy. Plug in your stocks, pick the content & wake up informed. This daily email service delivers all you need to make informed trading decisions. 


Integrated PIPE Due Diligence. Knobias PipeTRAC has all the private placement data you need, the way you need it…Complete and integrated. Over 300 data points, participant rankings, and profiles. Custom list generation & intraday alerting. 

Stock Diagnostics

Monitor Operational Cashflow. StockDiagnostics monitors a public company’s Operational-cashflow Per Share (“OPS”) and assigns it an “OPS Ranking”. OPS Rankings measure the long-term health and risk associated with a company’s ability to remain in business. 

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