Monitor Operational Cashflow. StockDiagnostics monitors a public company’s Operational-cashflow Per Share (“OPS”) and assigns it an “OPS Ranking”. OPS Rankings measure the long-term health and risk associated with a company’s ability to remain in business. In-depth research conducted by

-This page was recovered from the prior website (with the help of, in case anyone is searching for it. on operational cash flow revealed that a company’s “OPS” (Operational- cashflow Per Share) logically falls into a mathematical sequence that ranks it into one of eight distinctive “risk” categories. Each of the categories is based on a company’s operating cash flow for each of its last 4 quarters and its cumulative operating cash flow for its most recent 12 months.

Our research findings on hundreds of successful and failed companies indicate that traditional earnings-based metrics such as EPS, ROE, ROC, EBITDA, CFPS and even the PE multiple can be distorted by a company’s generation of Cashless Earnings (positive EPS and negative OPS) or earnings-less cash (cash without earnings) anomalies. StockDiagnostics’™ ongoing automated research is committed to discovering, detecting and monitoring cash flow anomalies and other financial statement algorithms that can have an impact on share price performance.

Historical OPS Algorithms

  • Cash flow is a better leading indicator and is not as easily manipulated as EPS (earnings per share). Cash flow analytics reliability will give it precedence over all earnings-based measurements such as EBIDTA, EBIT, EBITD, EBITA, Cash Earnings, CFPS and Pro Forma Cash Flow.

Automated Alerts

  •™ provides an automated system, which identifies those companies that report “cashless earnings”. This can be an early warning signal to credit quality problems. The system also identifies opportunities in the form of companies reporting positive cash flow anomalies with no earnings.

Cash Flow Analysis

  • gives you access to objective historical OPS algorithms on over 7,000 public companies and 243 industries.

Proprietary Interface

  • The proprietary user-friendly and intuitive “OPS Diagnostics” interface provides a reliable, cost-effective way to determine how the core operations of a business are doing.