Streaming Real-Time Stock News Platform

Knobias RAiDAR

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Streaming Real-time News. Knobias RAiDAR is fast becoming one of the world’s most advanced streaming real-time news delivery platforms. Every day, Wall Street’s “smart money” uses our flagship product to receive filtered news, the second it hits the wires to profit from early information. Create basic stock lists or unlimited combinations of portfolios, sectors, or indices to eliminate the noise and identify the alerts that impact your bottom line. Go one step further, and build targeted filters to narrow hundreds of the world’s top news sources and context-rich subject codes to focus on specific trading themes. Knobias RAiDAR™ is the fast and easy way to profit by taking control of today’s information overload.

  • Unlimited Portfolios
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Top Speed
  • Top Sources
  • Color Coding
  • Visual Alerting
  • Audible Alerting
  • morning PLUS

Watch it All or Just Your Names

  • Unlimited portfolio combinations of stocks, sectors, and indices. Highlights help monitor multiple portfolios in a single window or open multiple views.

Filter Junk, Trade News

  • Unlimited filter creation using sources and context-rich or source-specific subject codes. Highlight subjects or apply filters to portfolio news.

Use Your Senses, Not Your Screen

  • How can you watch it all? Pop-up and audible alerting paired with proprietary color codes help save desktop space while delivering needed information.

Advanced Content Tagging

  • Every document contains a host of meta-data such as symbols, sources, subjects, sectors, and highlights for robust filtering and analysis.

The Technology of Speed

  • Proprietary push technology ensures no delay in actionable content hitting your desktop. Filter the noise. Get the news you need ahead of the pack.

The World’s Best News Sources

  • Choose from hundreds of sources including top newswires, SEC filings, research, and premium providers like Dow Jones, Knobias, and many more.