Streaming Stock News Desktop Application

Knobias Plus

Knobias “in a box”. Built around our famous streaming news product, Knobias PLUS consolidates our product suite into a single desktop application. Knobias PLUS is designed to give users convenient command of financial data, news, and due diligence needed daily to make profitable investment decisions. This single, Windows-based download provides integrated access to filtered news and events, comprehensive due diligence, and portfolio-centric tracking applications. Maximize valuable desktop real estate by supporting specific window sizes and location layouts. Create unlimited layouts to blend the Knobias modules you need, where you need them, seamlessly into your desktop applications.

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Customize Your Real-time News

  • Filter real-time news from the world’s top publishers using basic portfolios or advanced combinations of stocks, sectors, indices, subjects, and sources.

Perform Your Due Diligence

  • Fundamental stock analysis using profiles, financials, technicals, news archives, consensus estimates, insiders, holders, filings, etc.

Go Home, We’ll Watch Your Stocks

  • Complement real-time information flow with portfolio-centric tools to help monitor your stocks on your schedule. Don’t miss a minute.

Interactive Calendars for Your World

  • Filter calendar views and plan ahead. Calls, corp actions, presentations, meetings, conferences, and earnings calendars that update intraday.

Integrate Your PIPE Flow Manage Your Desktop Real Estate

  • Study PIPE deals with data or tracking down the participants. Powerful statistical and ranking wizards. Integrate PIPE alerts with your other real-time information.

Manage Your Desktop Real Estate

  • Your desktop is full of other applications. Arrange Knobias modules anywhere on your desktop and save the integrated layout for a seamless look.